Choose the Right Webhosting Plan with Hostgator Pricing

Choosing the right webhosting plan to suit your needs depends upon how many services you will actually need to run your website. The needs of large, corporate users are obviously going to be different from those of a hobby blogger or someone who wants to set up a small online retail business. Many webhosting services offer an all-inclusive deal that may be great for bigger users but includes things that smaller users will never need. The service from Hostgator uses this variable need for internet service to structure its shared webhosting plans, to suit different levels of usage by different kinds of users. The Hostgator pricing structure ensures that you save money by only paying for the Internet services that you want to use, while remaining flexible enough to be easily upgraded, if your Internet usage demands grown in the future.

The basic shared webhosting service from Hostgator is offered as a choice between three different plans. The most basic, the Hatchling Plan, provides just enough Internet service for a single website. At the same time, it provides unlimited bandwidth and data storage, as well as e-mail accounts so that it can be used for almost any application. Because of the restriction to a single domain the cost can be kept to a minimum and prices start at only $3.96 per month for a three-year hosting agreement.

A step up from this basic plan, the Baby Plan, allows unlimited domains as well as sub domains, and allows you to use a private SSL to the package for secure online transactions. These added features come with all of the standard inclusions from the Hatchling Plan, with prices starting at $6.36 per month for a three-year hosting plan. The final shared hosting option is the Business Plan, which provides an all-inclusive package for $10.36 per month over three years. This includes the unlimited features from the other plans, as well as a toll free number, a dedicated IP and an integrated SSL for your online money transfers.

Included in the price of all of these plans is everything that you expect to get from a fully serviced webhosting company. There is 24/7 technical support and service, as well as free, automatic backups, so that your website will always work at the peak of its performance. Hostgator provide a 99.9% uptime assurances, as well as a 45-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with the service that you are getting.

The fully featured service includes the use of cPanel to manage your webhosting account and to set up e-mails, auto-responders and access to the script installers and other third party features. Hostgator accounts come with over 70 single-click install scripts to make creating just about any sort of website easy. There is also a user-friendly, template-based website design tool included as standard with every account that allows users with even the most basic computer skills to create a working website quickly and easily.

Every shared webhosting account also comes with a range of analytics tools that allow you to measure the traffic to your website, as well as several useful anti-spam tools. They also include $100 of Google AdWords credits that can be claimed when you spend your first $25 on search engine marketing ads with them. Every webhosting plan from Hostgator includes a selection of e-commerce features included with every webhosting account, to make it easy to set up a website that can handle transactions, and the Business Plan comes with all of the online security features that are needed to provide your customers with the confidence to share their personal financial details with you over the web.

When compared to the cost of many webhosting services, Hostgator provides a cost effective way to pay only for the internet features that you will need to use for your website. For smaller users, who are never likely to use more than one domain, the Baby Plan offers the best value for money webhosting service on the web. It has enough features to make it a practical choice for a start-up website, and the easy upgrade ensures that there will always be room to expand your plan as your internet usage increases. At the same time, the full range of features means that you won’t have to spend any extra on third party applications to have a fully functional website, regardless of which plan you decide is the right one for you.

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