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hostgator-wordpressWordPress is the most popular web design tool being used around the world today, with an estimated 16% of all sites being powered by the versatile application. It is a theme-based website builder that can be used to create almost any sort of website that you could want to use. The secret to its versatility is the Open Source design that allows a huge number of developers to create unique themes and functional plug-ins to extend the application and ability of even the most basic website. The other advantage that WordPress has over many other website design scripts is that you can install a new website with a few clicks, without the need for any specialist computer skills, making it possible to have an entire website built and published in a few short hours.

All Hostgator shared hosting accounts come with a simple WordPress installer included as a standard part of the package. It is available through the cPanel QuickInstall feature that gives you access to over 70 different web design scripts. To install WordPress on your HostGator account, all that you need to do is to log into your Hostgator account and navigate to your cPanel. In the software and services section there is a QuickInstall link that opens the script installer. The WordPress installer is located near the top of this long list, under the blog software heading. To install WordPress on your website, you merely need to click on this link and it will open a window where you can name your new blog, designate an administrator e-mail address and choose your webmaster user name. After that, a single click will install your new WordPress site directly to the chosen directory in your Hostgator account and you can begin to customize it straight away.

The new website may need to have your domain connected to it and the full instructions for connecting your new website to the domain that you want to use for it are provided in Hostgator’s user forums. If changing the name servers and updating the permalinks is too difficult for your skill level, then the technical support staff can guide you through the process and within 48 hours (the time that it takes to propagate the new domain) your new WordPress website will be available to be indexed by the search engines.

Hostgator’s QuickInstall allows you to create as many WordPress websites as you want to use, and both the Baby Plan and the Business Plan offer shared hosting that features unlimited domains and subdomains as a standard inclusion. QuickInstall will create the new sites in any directory that you choose to use, and the unlimited disc storage space that is included with all Hostgator shared hosting packages means that you don’t have to worry about running out of room, if you want to use multiple sites in subdomains.

Because WordPress is an Open Source script, it is able to be used to create highly customized websites to suit almost any purpose. Using the CSS editing functionality of the script it is easy to modify aspects of the design like font types and sizes to match your corporate style guide. This also makes it easy to design custom pages to present your web presence exactly the way you want to. This basic flexibility is supported by the huge range of plug-ins that extends the functionality of WordPress websites. These are also designed as Open Source applications and so there are people everywhere creating new functional plug-ins for WordPress websites. These are also often free or have free versions with an option to upgrade to a proprietary service as your needs expand. Another user friendly aspect of WordPress that has made it so popular is the option to use of widgetized areas on every page that you make that makes it easy to include a number of interactive functions, from adding a subscription form to placing a shopping cart link in the sidebar, as well as almost anything else you can think of.

With plans that are tailored to every level of internet user, from beginners and hobby bloggers to large corporate websites, Hostgator makes putting yourself or your business online a simple process. Coupled with the user-friendly, flexible and function-packed WordPress web design platform, Hostgator is an all-inclusive shared hosting package that offers a fully featured webhosting service, with everything you need all available through a single, easy-to-understand control panel. This will continue to make Hostgator one of the best values for money shared hosting services available on the web for a long time to come.

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