HostGator Hosting LLC was founded in 2002 by the current chairman Brent Oxley, who founded the company while still attending Florida Atlantic University. In the short time since then, HostGator has become a hosting leader with more than 12,000 servers under management and more than 8 million domains hosted – which makes up about 1% of all internet traffic. HostGator is known to be one of the so-called “cheap” hosting companies and Hostgator coupons have been responsible for much of the new growth.

The company originally had its home office in Boca Raton, Florida, but moved to a new 20,000-square-foot facility in Houston, Texas, to accommodate the rapid growth.

There are four different types of web hosting available from HostGator, and a HostGator coupon is available for all of them – but typically only for the first invoice.

Shared web hosting (also called virtual hosting) is the most economical method of web hosting, as it represents multiple websites operating from its own spot or partition on a single internet server. The cost of maintaining this server is “shared” by all single-customer participating sites.

Clients who use reseller hosting use their allotted disk space and bandwidth to host websites for third parties. Typically, these people are web designers in their own right and resell their space to their clients, usually at a profit. But the customers of these resellers need to realize that there is only so much available disk space, so these customers tend to be small businesses with low or relatively low website traffic.

VPS hosting uses a virtual private server. Customers who use this service are actually on the same physical machine, but software makes it appear as though they have their own separate computer. Each VPS is dedicated to an individual customer and has the privacy characteristics of a separate computer.

Dedicated hosting allocates a separate server for each customer. It is not shared with other customers and is more flexible than shared hosting because the customer has full control over the server. Because of the higher cost of this option, dedicated hosting is best for high-volume websites.

These four types of hosting options means that its customer base of more than 400,000 customers operating over 8 million domains includes novices as well as seasoned web designers. And HostGator is growing. In 2008 Inc. Magazine rated them as the 21st fastest growing company in America.

So how do customers (particularly novice customers) decide on which HostGator hosting plan to purchase? For customers who are resellers, this is a simpler answer – choose the reseller plan. But for those who are not, some research by the prospective customer should be the bi-word.

One thing that most people seem to agree on is that unless the customer is a “small-time” blogger who simply needs a good website for his/her blogs, what’s needed is unlimited domain hosting. Those who are using multiple blogging sites with the intent of making money (even if only two sites are immediately needed) need a plan that has unlimited web hosting and unlimited websites.

Ultimately, for most people who are not resellers, this will save money, be more flexible and be more convenient as everything can be handled with just one account.

This is very important when dealing with HostGator coupon offers and trying to figure out which one will suit all of the needs of the customer. It will cost more money in the long run to update from the lowest plan to the one ultimately needed than to choose the correct plan in the first place.

This, of course, will hold true for all hosting companies, not just HostGator; but it is very important for the customer to educate his or herself as much as possible.

An online customer review seems to underscore this point. In this case, the customer probably needed a VPS or dedicated package, but had something that appeared to be more cost-effective. Problems developed and some important URL links were broken. Customer service repaired the damage but the customer was forced to consider an upgrade. This created unnecessary downtime and ended up costing more than if the correct package was purchased in the first place.

HostGator is one of largest web hosts in the world. Customers can get rock-bottom packages (with rock-bottom pricing) if needed, and it will be backed by top-notch customer support. And for those who deem this to be important, it is a “green” company. But they cannot read minds. A “rock-bottom” price may not be the answer simply because this rock-bottom price represents what HostGator considers to be a rock-bottom level of allowable features.

Many of these hosting packages also have “sub-packages” associated with them, making the choosing process all the more daunting for the novice who only wants to purchase a package that suits the need for as little money as possible. And all of these packages will be described in glowing terms, and all seem attractive.

If the website under consideration is a professional website, forget about so-called “Free-Hosting.” Most people are going to be faced with only two viable options – shared hosting, or dedicated hosting,” with dedicated hosting being the more expensive.

What matters here is the type of website involved. As a general rule, shared hosting will probably suffice for small to medium-sized websites. For those with larger websites, dedicated hosting will probably be more suitable. This rule, of course, is not iron-clad. But these issues matter when deciding which coupon offer to consider. Dedicated hosting will, of course, handle anything that shared hosting can; but if the need can be met by using a shared host, then why spend the extra money on features that will never be used? This is the reason why it is important that a little time be spent educating oneself on the available plan options and what a discount coupon really means.

And speaking of sub-packages, HostGator has three of them for a prospective customer to consider. The first plan is called the “Hatchling” and is the cheapest of the three. This is the plan that is the most suitable for most individuals and small businesses or organizations. With this plan, the customer gets unlimited bandwidth (the amount of allowable traffic between a website and the rest of the internet) and disk space – but is restricted to a single domain.

Another option is called the “Baby Plan.” This plan offers all that the Hatchling Plan does, but it also offers unlimited domains. With the coupon offer, the cost of the Baby Plan is only slightly higher than that for the Hatchling.

The last of the “sub-plans” is the “Business Plan.” This plan offers everything that the Baby Plan has to offer but includes a dedicated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – a protocol used to encrypt information over the net) and IP (Internet Protocol address – this is what is used to identify users on the net). As one can guess, this is the most expensive package – but still highly affordable. And all of these plans and packages can be made even more affordable if there are promotional coupons available that can be applied to these plans.

And there are also other HostGator coupon options that some people may not know are out there. One of these allows prospective customs to try out the Baby Plan for a small (very small) minimal amount for one month.

The point is that those looking for a hosting company would do well to check out all of the coupon offers, but make sure that what these coupons represent is clearly understood. This is particularly true for novices.

There is one thing to watch out for when dealing with coupons: Make sure that when clicking on a link that purports to access the coupon that the routing goes to the HostGator site and not some other place. If the destination of the link is not the HostGator site, don’t trust it. It may be a scam of some sort. HostGator coupons are only valid if applied onsite. The website has a page specifically dedicated to the types of promotional coupons currently in existence.

HostGator coupons are simply used as promotional devices. The idea is to provide an incentive for prospective customers to try their products and services. No reduction in the quality of service is experienced by a user for using a coupon. And coupons have also been used by people and companies from all over the world. In 2011 HostGator was voted as having the “Best Free Transfer Service,” “Best Small Business Hosting,” “Best Windows Web Hosting” by, “FindMyHost Editor’s Choice Award,” Top 10 HostReview Award “Best Budget Hosting,” Top 10 HostReview Award “Fastest Growing Company,” “#1 Recommended Most Popular Host” –, 2010 “Reader’s Choice Awards,” 2001 “Editor’s Choice Awards,” Dedicated Server Directory “#1 Reseller Hosting Award,” Web Host Directory “#1 Reseller Hosting Award,” Web Hosting “Top Outstanding Host Award,” “Web Host of the Year Award 2007” from, “Highest Level of Recommendation,” “Top 1o Budget Hosting Award,” and more. That’s a lot of awards. The point is that HostGator is not only reputable, but popular.

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